This page gathers information on current and past East Asian Digital Humanities projects. Not all of the projects are directly related to the work of the East Asian DH Working Group.

Ongoing Projects

Comparative Database for the Study of the Old and New Tang Histories

Project Director: Anna M. Shields; Database Designer: Jeff S Heller

A comparative database that will allow scholars to visualize and analyze two historical chronicles of Tang China.

CTEXT database showing parallel passages from early Chinese texts that reference the Dao De Jing

Digital Intertextual Resonances in Early Chinese Texts (DIRECT)

Project Director: Martin Kern; Graduate Researchers:  John O’Leary, Gian Duri Rominger

Exposing the resonance and meaning hidden behind graphic variation in texts from Early China.

Interactive map showing the location and title of a Chinese national archive located in Jiangsu province.

Chinese Archival Handbooks

Project Director: Joshua Seufert

Investigating the structure of state archives in China.

Thesaurus Linguae Sericae page showing words associated with the concept of "ancestral sacrifice" in Chinese texts.

漢學文典 / Thesaurus Linguae Sericae (TLS)

A collaborative forum for discussion on the close reading of Chinese texts for a cross-cultural study of conceptual history.

Completed Projects

Medieval Chinese letter, with overlay of network graph showing connections between letter writers

Chinese Exchange Poems

Project Director: Tom Mazanec

A social-network analysis of Late Medieval China.